“ Group Analysis is a form of psychotherapy by the group, of the group, including its conductor ”

Group Analysis is a form of psychotherapy by the group, of the group, including its conductor. It places focus on the relationship between the individual and the group, the conductor, as well as the group itself.

Exploring the social nature of humans it aims to achieve healthy interactive connections. It also promotes a better understanding and integration of the individual in his or her network of relationships.

Any person who is interested in clarifying and understanding better his/her ways of intra- and inter-connections and how they are related. Intaconnection refers to your relationship with yourself. Via therapy you get to know your True Self better. You might be amazed at how many layers you can peel off in this journey of self exploration.

Psychoanalysis in groups offers you the platform to also explore the interconnections, the relationship you have with others, such as family members, friends, coworkers etc. This approach has many applications in the field of human relations, teaching, training and organisational consultancy.

It is an interactive mechanism that promotes reflection, learning, connections and change. “The method and theory of group analysis is concerned with a dynamic understanding of the inner working of the human mind as a social, multi-personal phenomenon” (Foulkes 1975) and as such can be applied to groups, individuals, couples, families and applied groups.

It helps with developing better relationship skills, understanding and achieving personal goals, overcoming mental health illnesses, boosts self-confidence and overall mood is improved.

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