Selected Therapies

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Aiming at the heart of the problem

Together we will discover how we can recognize, manage and finally deal with the problem
you are experiencing using the following selected treatments.
Γνωστική Συμπεριφορική Θεραπεία - Θεραπευτικές Στρατηγικές

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

our thoughts and images influence the way we feel, the way we behave and how our body reacts...
Προσωποκεντρική & Βιωματική Προσέγγιση - Θεραπευτικές Στρατηγικές - Ψυχολόγος

Person Centered Therapy

you are the best expert on yourself. PCT sees the therapist and client as equal partners. ...

Schema Therapy

We focus on core beliefs and the unmet emotional needs during childhood and early adolescence ...


It is an approach that helps shift your thoughts away from your usual preoccupations toward creating a meaningful.

Group Analytic Psychotherapy

Group Analysis is a form of psychotherapy by the group, of the group, including its conductor ...

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